Clicking pictures on his father’s Kodak TRX 400, in the hills of Ooty, Pradeep Kumar, then a 4th grade student completed an exciting vacation only to come home to printed images of people in movement captured by him. While others saw this as a complete waste of the 24-frame film roll because nobody was caught posing, Pradeep realized this was his accidental rendezvous with candid photography.

From being the moment-capturing ninja for his collegemates and friends to correcting images for family and neighbors he constantly believed that he had a gift of photography. Selecting frames carefully and detecting the play of light came to him naturally. A full-time job as an IT engineer had him physically involved. But, he constantly felt the need to follow his passion. While trying to fit into the mainstream life seemed boring and monotonous, he found refuge in photography which at that point in time was treated merely as a hobby. All he could do was attend weekend photography classes to enhance his skills and keep his passion alive.

After rethinking the aftermath of his actions, he finally decided to follow his heart and take a leap of faith. So, going back to where it all began felt like a good idea to this enthusiastic photographer. He quit his job in Mumbai and joined the Life and Light Academy of Art and Science of Photography, Lovedale, Ooty in 2011. There he nurtured and learnt remarkable standards and skills of photography following which assisted various photographers for a span of 3 years.

As a photographer he finds automobile, architecture, portraits and landscapes intriguing. At the same time, he does not believe in limiting himself to a single genre of photography alone. Photography to him is capturing the beauty of simple things because simplicity is unimaginably enticing and reflect the true beauty of life. This all-round creative individual currently has a studio of his own in Mylapore, Chennai and is taking up some valuable projects that are adding meaning to his passion and enhancing his growth as a professional

From creatively framing images inside his head that includes mentally cropping wires and switch-boards to being certain about which colour should dominate his picture he believes that the eye behind the lens should be able to pause life and capture it in a way that people who ask “who clicked the picture,” begin to say “We know who clicked the picture.”